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Since 2006, Vinovalie has been bringing together wine-growers from the Pays d’Ovalie, blending the lifestyle of South-West France with all the colours and flavours of Ovalie. The Group is all about collective performance, leveraging the diversity of its teams, the richness and complementarity of its wine-growing regions (Cahors, Fronton and Gaillac) and its Estates & Châteaux to rise to any occasion and satisfy every palate. Its purpose is rich in meaning, allowing everyone to get acquainted, express themselves, make new discoveries and develop their senses and tastes.

Group is stronger
than the leader of the group

The core value of rugby is also the principle behind Vinovalie: cooperation, based on accumulated knowledge and shared intelligence. At a time of rampant individualism, Vinovalie is all about collective performance. As in rugby, success is in the quality of the pass - through mutual dialogue and shared exchanges. Vinovalie is the ethic of sharing, the recognition of the wine-growers’ expertise, the authenticity of the terroirs and local areas, and the spirit of sustainable development. As in rugby, victory is celebrated glass in hand, with a smile on your face. Vinovalie is community spirit and the pleasure of being part of a group.
The lifestyle of South-West France blended with all the colours and flavours of Ovalie.



As in rugby, success is in the quality of the pass - through mutual dialogue and shared exchanges. Vinovalie was born from this idea, bringing together four of the major wine-growing cooperatives from South-West France :

→ Côtes d’Olt : Cahors wine-growing region

In 1947, a handful of men pooled their efforts and their willingness to develop this wine-growing area decimated by phylloxera, leading to the creation of the Cahors cooperative cellar. An experimental grapevine was created, the cellar worked on “quality production” and the entire appellation was rewarded with VDQS classification in 1951 followed by prestigious AOC classification in 1971. 
Today, Cahors is the undisputed birthplace of Malbec.

→ Fronton : Fronton wine-growing region

The Fronton cellar is located in the heart of this wine-growing region, between Toulouse and Montauban. Nine hundred hectares of vines, mainly composed of terraces and boulbenes soil between the Tarn and Garonne rivers, are divided among 120 wine-growers. Producing red and rosé, the cellar made its mark among the wines of South-West France by becoming the number one rosé producer in the South West.
Today, Fronton is known as an exceptional wine-growing region for rosé thanks to its Négrette grape variety, which is unique in the world.

→ Rabastens et Técou : Gaillac wine-growing region

Created in 1953, the Rabastens and Técou wineries, located between Toulouse and Albi, share the rich and varied soils of the Gaillac wine-growing region. The wine is aged in barrels in the Técou cellar, the first in the Gaillac region to experiment with maturing in casks.
Today, Gaillac is recognised for its great diversity thanks to its seven wines, three terroirs and multiple grape varieties.

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Vinovalie  is present in more than 43 countries across five continents. All of these very different geographies, cultures, communities and ways of life must be understood to create, invent and reinvent wine as a lifestyle choice.


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