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Terre Métissée

With Terre Métissée, Vinovalie from the south-west of France and Dom Brial Vineyards in Baixas are inaugurating their first mixed wine. Terre Métissée. Reshaping our borders.

A mix of two cultures, four soil types and seven grape varieties.

All about wine production...

All about wine production...

1st mixed wine

A unique blend, the first to celebrate the quintessence of Vinovalie and Dom Brial Vineyards. Each grape variety enables Terre Métissee to establish its singularity: Malbec, Braucol, Négrette, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah. A mosaic of different soil types, we have identified four - the most representative of Roussillon and the south-west.


A history

Terre Métissée is the ultimate alliance that testifies to the existence of a mixed culture, transcending divisions and cultivating differences. Vinovalie in the south-west and Dom Brial Vineyards in Baixas have been working for six years to bring together Occitan and Catalan culture, the four terroirs and the seven grape varieties, to inaugurate the first wine from the grand Occitania region.

A chance to discover...

     A chance to discover...
Tasting notes

colour, nose, mouth

It is a sumptuous and deep black. The bouquet releases an aromatic intensity over delicate aromas of Kirsch cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. It is a full-bodied wine. A velvety finish, extremely elegant.

kirsch cherry



A chance to share...

A chance to share... Advice from our oenologist


Serve at 16°C. Enjoy today, can be enjoyed this year



duck burger, mature cheeses and chocolate desserts.