Les Légendes

La Belle Equipe

La Belle Équipe is the story of 4 winemakers, Elodie, Pascal, Jean-Noël and Thierry, each specialist and lovers of their own soils and grape varieties.


All about wine production...

All about wine production...

Malbec, Négrette, Braucol, Syrah

La Belle Equipe is the result of the union of the varied terroirs of our 3 appellations (Gaillac, Fronton et Cahors).


A history

They combined their know-how to create a unique cuvée, a blend of Malbec, Negrette, Syrah and Braucol, ancestral grape varieties of the identity of each and their respective terroirs. Here they reveal a part of their home, a part of this beautiful team’s secret.

A chance to discover...

     A chance to discover...
Tasting notes

dress, nose, mouth

Tasting side, with its purple dress, nose with notes of ripe red fruits and spices, La Belle Équipe is a concentrated wine, creamy on the palate, ending with fine tannins.

red fruits



A chance to share...

A chance to share... Oenologist's advice


Perfect as an accompaniment to your appetizers and chocolate desserts.



It will go perfectly with your “aperitif-dinners” and your chocolate desserts. La Belle Equipe will also be paired with a farm squab with duck foie gras and grapes.