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Inès, the muse of Cave de Fronton, is described as classy, exceptional and a rare experience, made possible by delicate working with a unique grape variety : Négrette.

One thing is certain: Inès is an inspiring muse. World Champion in 2016 and 2008, Vice Champion in 2010, a winner in Paris in 2012...Inès is an “ines-timable” rosé

All about wine production...

All about wine production...

AOP Fronton Rosé

Inès rosé is made from the best plots on the terraces in the Fronton appellation. Made mainly with Négrette, the king of Fronton grapes, this wine is different as it is aged over fine lees for 6 months after vinification, which gives it its singular flavour.


A history

Inès is the muse of Cave de Fronton, and our oenologist, Pascal Nacenta, uses his extensive expertise to guarantee the unique character of each carefully harvested grape from our Négrette vines that grow on the fine siliceous and gravelly soil. This wine is the result of the highest standards at every stage of production, from grape to bottle.

A chance to discover...

     A chance to discover...
Tasting notes

colour, nose, mouth

A perfect expression of rosé, Inès is a beautiful pale colour. The bouquet is intense, complex, with aromas of summer berries (blackcurrant, raspberry). The attack is soft, the palate silky with a great deal of volume and flesh and a citrus note at the finish (grapefruit).




A chance to share...

A chance to share... Advice from our oenologist


Serve at 10-12°C. Can be enjoyed now. We recommend sharing this exceptional wine with your wine-loving friends at special occasions.
Ageing potential: 2 years.



your aperitifs, Mediterranean food, grilled vegetables, barbecues or sushi.