Astrolabe Gaillac Vendanges Tardives

This high-end wine reveals all the elements of native Gaillac grape varieties.

Since the dawn of time, man has tried to turn matter into precious metal. This research led to the idea of a Masterpiece, the perfect alchemy of the four elements and the most closely-guarded secrets. Astrolabe, Divine Alchemy.

All about wine production...

All about wine production...

AOP Gaillac Vendanges Tardives

A blend of Loin de l’Oeil, an ancestral variety from Gaillac, and Muscadelle, the grapes are hand-picked and sorted. This wine is aged in oak barrels for a few months, to achieve the right wood/wine balance.

A men

A history

Our oenologist Thierry Serrus uses his extensive expertise to guarantee the unique character of each carefully harvested grape from the Loin de l’Oeil and Muscadelle vines, growing on the best clay-chalk hillsides on the right bank and gravelly soil on the left bank of the River Tarn. This wine is the result of the highest standards at every stage of production, from grape to bottle.

A chance to discover...

     A chance to discover...
Tasting notes

colour, nose, mouth

It is a golden colour with honey tints. Its bouquet reveals aromas of quince, apricot, fig and lime accompanied by notes of acacia flowers. It is a powerful and balanced wine, offering excellent aromatic length on the palate.




A chance to share...

A chance to share... Advice from our oenologist


Serve at 8-10°C. Can be enjoyed now. We recommend sharing this exceptional wine with your wine-loving friends at special occasions.



blue cheese (Roquefort or Bleu d’Auvergne), foie gras or rhubarb tart.