A shower of medals at the Concours Général Agricole 2018

The results of the 2018 General Agricultural Competition are out and they are very pleasing for Vinovalie wines, with 13 gold medals and 12 silver medals. 5 medals in AOP Gaillac, 5 medals in AOP Cahors, 9 medals in AOP Fronton, 5 medals in IGP Comté Tolosan and 1 medal in IGP Côtes du Lot !


Check out the full list of our medal winners:

13 gold medals

→ Astrolabe AOP Gaillac Rouge (2016)
→ Les Virtuoses AOP Gaillac Rouge (2016)
→ Château Candastre AOP Gaillac Rosé (2017)
→ Astrolabe AOP Cahors Rouge (2015)
→ Virtuoses AOP Cahors Rouge (2015)
→ Château de Cayx AOP Cahors Rouge (2015)
→ Domaine de la Batellerie AOP Cahors Rouge (2016)
→ Haut Capitole AOP Fronton Rouge (2015)
→ Château Majorel La Quintessence AOP Fronton Rouge (2016)
→ Comte de Negret AOP Fronton Rosé (2017)
→ L’Infini Négrette AOP Fronton Rosé (2017)
→ Violette de Mireval AOP Fronton Rosé (2017)
→ Terreo Cabernet Doux IGP Comté Tolosan (2017)

12 silver medals

→  Passion AOP Gaillac Rouge (2016)
→ HMMM… ! AOP Gaillac Méthode Ancestrale (2017)
→ Château Les Bouysses AOP Cahors Rouge (2015)
→ Astrolabe AOP Fronton Rouge (2015)
→ Virtuoses AOP Fronton Rouge (2015)
→ Capitoulat AOP Fronton Rosé (2017)
→ Croix Dourdenne AOP Fronton Rosé (2017)
→ La Cigaralle IGP Côtes du Lot Blanc (2017)
→ Terreo Merlot IGP Comté Tolosan Rouge (2017)
→ Tarani Merlot IGP Comté Tolosan Rouge (2017)
→ Terreo IGP Comté Tolosan Rosé (2017)
→ Tarani IGP Comté Tolosan Rosé (2017)

The General Agricultural Competition

The General Agricultural Competition, organized by the State, rewards French agricultural excellence: wines, local products, animals, etc. All wines participating in the competition are randomly sampled by an agent of the Chamber of Agriculture (or mandated by it) from the commercial stock or directly from the barrel. The wines are then anonymised for pre-selection and the final.  The samples are submitted for assessment by jurors having high levels of technical expertise, the wines are then tasted to detect the characteristic aromas, to note the qualities and the characteristics in the same category.