Rosé Piscine Freezente

Designed to meet new consumer trends, Rosé Piscine is the ONLY sparkling wine that must absolutely be served over ice.

Discover this new world where bubbles are king.

All about wine production...

All about wine production...


The only sparkling wine to be served over ice to increase the sparkle and freshness.


A history

There is one man behind this new way of enjoying wine: Jacques Tranier. He wasn’t by a pool when he had the idea; he was in a bar on the French Riviera. That evening, Jacques Tranier saw two people drinking a glass of rosé generously filled with ice. As a curious professional he ordered the same drink and deemed it too flat to be drunk as it was. But the sense of freshness from the ice stayed with him. To give body to the wine he found too flat, he worked with his oenologists to create in 2005 what today is known as “Rosé Piscine”.

A chance to discover...

     A chance to discover...
Tasting notes

The only sparkling wine to be served over ice

It is pale and clear. A floral bouquet with white flower and rose notes. The attack is sparkling and fresh with an intense and suave mouth-feel and a tropical finish.




A chance to share...

A chance to share... advice from our oenologist


Serve slightly chilled at 8°C. Enjoy today.



Nous recommandons Rosé Piscine Freezente avec vos apéritifs, dessers sucrées (crêpes sucrées).