Anticipated Return of Rosé Piscine FreeZ

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of our Rosé Piscine FreeZ. After a notable absence, this sparkling gem is back to elevate your aperitifs.

rosé Piscine Freez de retour dans une nouvelle bouteille

The One and Only Rosé Piscine FreeZ

The Rosé Piscine FreeZ is not just an ordinary wine; it's a true experience. Its unique feature, being the first sparkling wine designed to be enjoyed with ice cubes, distinctly sets it apart. This characteristic not only enhances its effervescence but also amplifies its refreshing qualities, making it the perfect companion for aperitifs and desserts.

A Tale of Innovation and Passion:

The origin of Rosé Piscine FreeZ is as captivating as its taste. Born from the imagination of Jacques Tranier, this wine originated from a moment of curiosity and a desire to reinvent the traditional rosé wine experience. Observing ice cubes being added to a rosé at a bar on the French Riviera, Jacques Tranier was inspired to create a wine that could embrace and enhance this practice.

Tasting Notes and Serving Suggestions

The Rosé Piscine FreeZ entices the senses with its clear and pale appearance, and a floral bouquet dominated by notes of white flowers and rose. On the palate, it offers a sparkling and fresh attack, evolving into an intense, smooth sensation with a tropical finish. We recommend serving it at a temperature of 8°C, perfect for an aperitif or with sweet desserts.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether it's for a relaxing evening by the pool, a sunny terrace, or an aperitif with friends, Rosé Piscine FreeZ is your perfect choice. Its unique freshness and refined taste make it an essential for all your summer events.

The return of Rosé Piscine FreeZ is a celebration of creativity and innovation in the world of wine. Come rediscover this reinvented classic and let yourself be swept away by its sparkling charm.